What is Insurance ? And Type Of insurance in Usa

What is Insurance ? And Type Of insurance in Usa

Car Insurance

 What is Insurance ?

In simple words, we can say that it’s a security from future loss. Basically insurance is a agreement between a policyholder and insurance company in this agreement the policy holder agree to pay policy payment and insurance company agree to pay insurance amount to policyholder if he/she has any loss in future.

Insurance is not very expensive. And it secures our assets.

There are 4 types of insurance policy in India

  • Life Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Auto insurance


Life Insurance


As from its name we understood that this insurance is for secure our life but it is not truth. Actually this policy is very good for persons whose whole family is depent upon her/him.

We all not know this that when we die so secure our family from future risk we take this insurance. This insurance secures your family because if you die unexpectedly then the payment you gives in this insurance the insurance companies paid to your family and your family runs again.

Because research proofs that there are so many families in India whose main member who fulfil their financial needs die unexpectedly there family financial conditions drop.

So you can secure your family from this risk by taking this insurance policy.


Health Insurance

Basically this insurance is made for securing people who will face some health issue in future.

There are so many people who are bankrupt only due to there health issues because they don’t have enough money to fulfill this unexpected issue.

So to secure from this future risk you can take this health insurance.


Disability insurance

We all afraid of even think about this that if we face any disability in future. But the bitter truth is this that a research proofs that from every ten persons there are three from them are disable before their retirement age.

So we can advice to you check about this insurance and take this.


Auto insurance

we all know about this insurance very well. Because in our country it is very important for a owner of motorcycle or car to have a insurance policy.

But except the fines from traffic police. It is very important for us just think that if you had a accident and you secure your motorcycle with this insurance you don’t have to pay money for the repair.


So basically in this article we want to tell you all about car insurance. Car insurance comes in auto insurance if we tell the profits of the it is impossible to tell you because there are not 1 profit of car insurance but there are bulk of profits you get from this insurance.

So if you also want to secure your car from future risk just take the car insurance right now.


Hope you all like our article about insurance. We try to cover all about this topic but still if you have any question regarding this topic or you think that we forget to write something about this topic just comment below. We try to answer all your questions.